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2018 Earthquake Recovery Program

Welcome to the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF) 2018 Earthquake Recovery Web Site. Following the November 30, 2018, magnitude 7.1 earthquake, DOT&PF sprang into action to restore essential travel routes and share information. Essential roads were open within 5 days of the earthquake, thanks to temporary repairs and an amazing response from the contractor community, the public, local governments, other agencies, and State forces.

Now DOT&PF is leading a program to construct long-term repairs to damaged infrastructure on State and many local government roads. The goal is to repair and rebuild the damaged sites on the Alaska road network as quickly and efficiently as possible. The program is funded by federal emergency response and state funds.

DOT&PF has currently identified more than 225 sites for evaluation and approximately 150 that need permanent repairs. As they are spread throughout the region, this may take several years to complete.

This website will allow the public and other stakeholders to monitor earthquake damage repair efforts and stay informed of current and future efforts.

Next Steps

Following spring break up, DOT&PF actively monitored sites to determine how the ground may have further shifted after it thawed. Based on this data, DOT&PF has prioritized sites and design solutions for permanent repairs are underway. Some construction began in the summer 2019 with more to follow in 2020 and 2021. It is the goal of DOT&PF to construct and restore Alaska’s infrastructure to its pre-earthquake state in a timely manner.